Cactus, Succulent and Western Links

  • The most comprehensive set of links on the internet containing information on Cactus and other Succulents is The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall.

  • For growing information and excellent photographs of Cactus, Succulents, and Caudiciforms visit  The Amateurs' Digest.
  • Living Rocks of Mexico is a comprehensive reference on the genus Ariocarpus.
  • Yowichirow's Web Site contains some outstanding pictures of Ariocarpus, Astrophytum, Discocactus, Turbinicarpus and more.
  • For some excellent habitat photographs of Southern Arizona cactus and cryptobiotic soil crusts visit Southern Arizona Rare Cactus Photos.
  • is an interactive Photo Gallery, containing nearly 1500 Mammillaria photos.
  • On-line Guide to the identification of the Cactus Family, Over 6135 images are available for use in identification.
  • Cactus is a personal website with many wonderful pictures.
  • Lithops an introduction contains some great photographs and growing information on these unique succulent plants.
  • Bohemia Cactus is a server about cacti and succulents, books, and journals.
  • Cactus Plaza is a Dutch cactus nursery specializing in Lophophora, Trichocereus, Selenicereus and Pereskiopsis. Information on cactus propagation and growing is provided. Plants and seeds can be ordered from their online shop.
  • Alessandro Mosco's website, The Genus Thelocactus has a lot of information and great pictures of these fascinating plants.
  • Opuntiads of the USA goal is to provide scientific information about the genus Opuntia, and related plants, the opuntiads and provide large, high-quality, image files to assist in identification.
  • Succulent aloes from seeds for an easy to maintain, water saving garden and nectar loving birds.
  • The University of Arizona Press site, The Seri Indians of Sonora Mexico, gives the history of Ironwood carving.


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