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6" Pot Size - $12.00

Agave lophantha cv ‘Quadricolor’, native to Mexico.

Agave lophantha cv ‘Quadricolor’

Growth Characteristics:
Reaches 1-2 feet wide.  Needs a well-drained soil.

6" Pot Size

out of stock

4" Pot Size - $9.50
6" Pot Size -  $15.00

Agave victoria-reginae forma variegata

Agave victoria-reginae forma variegata
Agave victoria-reginae variegata "aureo marginata"

Growth Characteristics:
Slow growing rosettes, most are solitary, but some offset.

4" Pot Size

6" Pot Size

out of stock

6" Pot Size - 12.50
(Rooted Cuttings)

 Alluaudia procera, native plant to Southern and southwestern Madagascar (Toliara).

 Alluaudia procera
"Madagascan Ocotillo"
"African Ocotillo"

Growth Characteristics:
Succulent, spiny, branched
columnar, small tree, up to 60 feet tall.  Needs full sun or high interior lighting with a well draining soil mix.  Allow to dry thoroughly between waterings.  No water in dormant period.

 6" Pot Size

out of stock

Euphorbias - when a plant gets damaged it exudes a thick white milky sap. This latex (resin) is poisonous. Use caution not to get any in your eyes or mouth or on your skin. Cultivated plants should be handled carefully.

Cactus & Succulent Terms:
Dioecious: male and female reproductive organs are carried on separate individual plants of the same species.

6" Pot Size - $14.50

Euphorbia resinifera, native succulent to Morocco.

Euphorbia resinifera
"Resin spurge"
"Morocco Mound"

Growth Characteristics:
Spiny shrub branching from the base.  Water moderately in the summer, less in the winter.

6" Pot Size

4" Pot Size - $10.00

Idria columnaris, native plant to Central Baja California (Mexico).

Idria columnaris
Fouquieria columnaris
"Boojum Tree"

Growth Characteristics:
Deciduous succulent tree, up to 50 feet.  Moderate water when in leaf, little to no water when dormant.  Slow growth.

4" Pot Size

out of stock

6" Pot Size - $12.50

Native succulent to Baja California and Sonora Mexico.

 Pedilanthus macrocarpus
"Slipper Plant"

Growth Characteristics:
Evergreen bush to 6 feet tall, 6 feet in diameter.  Needs little water.  In the Euphorbiaceae family.  Flowers red.

6" Pot Size

Pedilanthus macrocarpus Flower

Cactus & Succulent Terms:
Inflorescence: a group or cluster of flowers arranged on a stem that is composed of a main branch or a complicated arrangement of branches.

Succulent Terms:
a plant with a swollen, water-storing stem (caudex).
Caudex: a thickened, usually underground base of the stem.

Etched and painted horsehair pottery.

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