153 BEST Fathers Day Ideas For Expecting Dads (Selected)

David R Grant May 14, 2023
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Fatherhood can be an exciting and enriching experience, but it can also come with its own set of stresses.

Expecting fathers, the days leading up to their new arrival can be filled with anxiety.

To help relieve some of that stress and make sure they have a memorable Father’s Day, we've compiled a list of 153 unique gift ideas for expecting dads!

From personalized keepsakes to practical gifts they'll use in their daily lives, these are sure to put a smile on any expectant father's face.

Whether you're looking for something special or just want to show your appreciation this Father's Day, our list has something for every dad-to-be.

With these great gifts, you can let him know how much he means to you while helping him prepare for his upcoming role as dad!

1. Plan a baby moon

Arrange a relaxing getaway with your partner before your baby arrives to celebrate Father's Day. A short vacation can help you both rest and rejuvenate before the arrival of your little one.

2. Attend a virtual birthing class

There are several virtual birthing classes available nowadays that expecting dads can attend. You can gift the expecting dad a virtual class that he can attend on Father's Day and learn some valuable skills and knowledge for childbirth and beyond.

3. Create a baby care kit

Put together a basket of essentials that the new father will need to care for his baby, such as diapers, wipes, baby thermometer, burp cloths, hand sanitizer, etc. This thoughtful gift will come in handy when the baby arrives.

4. Have a dad-to-be photoshoot

Capture this special moment in a dad-to-be photo shoot. It's a great way to celebrate Father's Day while creating memories.

5. Create a personalized onesie

Make a custom onesie with a funny or sentimental message that the new dad will appreciate.

6. Gift a pregnancy journal

Encourage the new dad to record his thoughts and feelings throughout the pregnancy with a pregnancy journal. It's a great way to reflect on this special time in his life.

7. Plan a barbecue or cookout

Celebrate Father's Day with a fun outdoor BBQ with close friends and family. The expecting dad will love being surrounded by loved ones in a relaxed atmosphere.

8. Schedule a prenatal massage

Help the new dad relax and unwind with a prenatal massage from a professional. It's a great way to alleviate stress and tension during the pregnancy.

9. Have a virtual game night

Organize a virtual game night with the expecting dad's family or friends. It's a fun way to engage with loved ones while celebrating Father's Day.

10. Plan a hike or nature walk

Spend time in nature with the expecting dad and enjoy a scenic hike or nature walk. This is a great way to get some exercise while enjoying quality time together.

11. Gift a baby book

Buy a book about parenting or baby care that the new dad can read during the pregnancy. It's a thoughtful gift that can help the dad-to-be feel more prepared.

12. Spend the day fishing

If the expecting dad enjoys fishing, plan a fishing trip for him on Father's Day. It's a great way to relax and unwind in nature.

13. Attend a baby gear class

Sign up for a baby gear class together and learn about the various essential baby items that you'll need for the baby. It's a great way to feel more prepared for the arrival of your little one.

14. Have a movie night

Watch your favorite movies or shows with your partner and relax on Father's Day. It's an enjoyable way to spend quality time together.

15. Gift a daddy-to-be survival kit

Create a daddy-to-be survival kit that includes essentials such as caffeine, snacks, and pain relievers. This thoughtful gift will help the new dad feel more prepared for the upcoming sleepless nights.

16. Take a yoga class

Sign up for a prenatal yoga class together, which can help both the mom-to-be and dad-to-be relax, stretch, and feel more comfortable throughout the pregnancy.

17. Gift personal grooming kit

This kit could include beard oil or balms so the new dad can pamper himself and look good while holding his bundle of joy.

18. Host a virtual baby shower

If the pandemic has restricted the group gathering, host a virtual baby shower for the expecting dad with an online group video call.

19. Take a cooking or baking class

Spend time and have fun together by taking a cooking or baking class. It is noteworthy for the couple to try to learn a new recipe for the baby.

20. Compose a special song

Create a unique and personalized song for the expecting dad on Father's Day. It would represent his new journey of fatherhood and stand out among all other gifts.

21. Plan a DIY project

Do a DIY project together, such as building a crib for the baby's nursery, creating a scrapbook or photo album, or making a baby's mobile. This is a fun and creative way to spend time together as you prepare for your new arrival.

22. Go for a long drive

Take a relaxing drive through scenic routes or countryside with your partner to enjoy the peace and serenity before the baby arrives.

23. Gift a dad-to-be t-shirt

Buy a cool t-shirt or hoodie that reflects the expecting dad's sense of style or sense of humor or with a sweet message that he'll cherish.

24. Take a virtual brewery tour

Does the expecting dad enjoy beer? Take a virtual brewery tour together or get a beer-making kit so that you can make your own brew at home.

25. Get a couple's massage

Book a couple's massage to celebrate Father's Day together. It's a great way to relieve stress, bond and relax together.

26. Have a photo album creation day

Spend some time creating a personalized photo album with memories starting from your pregnancy period to your new baby's arrival.

27. Take a pottery or art class

Explore your creative side and take an art or pottery class together. This activity is a fun way to bond while also learning and exploring new things.

28. Enjoy a vineyard tour

Touring a vineyard can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for expecting dads. It's a great way to enjoy the great outdoors while sipping on some tasty wine.

29. Gift a newborn photography session

Hire a professional newborn photographer to take photos of your newborn. This is a great way to capture precious and memorable moments with your little one.

30. Take a trip to a museum or art gallery

Explore a museum or art gallery to understand and learn new things. This is an ideal way to spend some time together and have fun while learning.

31. Host a baby name brainstorming session

Brainstorm baby names and write down interesting and unique names you both like or you both relate to. This is a fun activity and a great way to bond and create unique baby names.

32. Gift a sentimental book

Buy a book about fatherhood, with sentimental messages or quotes that the expecting dad can refer back to during his fatherhood journey.

33. Create a photo slideshow

Gather photos and compile them into a slideshow, featuring memorable moments shared between the expecting dad and mom, and showcase them on Father's Day.

34. Gift a tech gadget

Buy a cool tech gadget that the dad-to-be has been eyeing, such as a new smartwatch, headphones or a tablet.

35. Host a paint party

Buy some blank canvases and painting supplies and enjoy a fun and creative paint party together. It's a great way to unwind, create art, and enjoy time together.

36. Have a day trip to a nearby town

Plan a day trip to a nearby town, which can be an ideal way to relax on Father’s Day while exploring new places.

37. Gift a keepsake box

Buy a keepsake box, and gather sentimental things that represent the pregnancy journey, such as ultrasound pictures, pregnancy test, hospital bracelets, and more.

38. Start a book club

Start a monthly book club where the expecting dad and the mom-to-be can read baby books and discuss them. This is a great way to start the baby's reading journey and to bond over literature.

39. Take a class together

Enroll in a fun and interesting class together, like a cooking class, dance class, or photography class. It's a great way to bond and learn new things.

40. Plan a scavenger hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt with clues that lead the expecting dad to places or things that hold sentimental value, such as a photo album or a memorable location where you proposed. It's a fun way to reminisce about your journey together.

41. Host a virtual cook-off

Host a virtual cook-off with friends or family, where everyone prepares their favorite dish, and the expecting dad can choose the winner.

42. Gift a fitness class package

Buy a package of fitness classes that the dad-to-be can use to get fit and ready for fatherhood.

43. Watch a live sports game

Enjoy a live sports game or match virtually with your partner on Father's Day. It's a great way to bond over a shared love of sports.

44. Host a game night

Host a fun-filled game night with board games, card games, video games, or any other games that you and your partner love. It's an entertaining way to bond while enjoying some friendly competition.

45. Gift a streaming service subscription

Buy a subscription to your partner's favorite streaming service, so he can relax and enjoy his favorite shows or movies.

46. Host a backyard BBQ

Grill some burgers and hot dogs and enjoy a laid-back backyard BBQ with your partner. You can invite close friends and family as well.

47. Spend the day at a theme park

Take a trip to a nearby theme park and enjoy fun rides and attractions with your partner. It's a great way to celebrate Father's Day while enjoying some thrills.

48. Gift a workshop or class

Buy a gift card for a workshop or class that the expecting dad will enjoy, such as woodworking, cooking, painting or any other craft that he'd like to explore.

49. Create a time capsule

Create a time capsule that you can fill with sentimental items, such as letters to your future child, ultrasound photos, or anything else that you'd like to preserve. You can open it together on a future Father's Day.

50. Host a virtual cocktail party

Host a virtual cocktail party with friends and family, where everyone can show off their mixology skills. This is a great way to celebrate Father's Day while enjoying some creative cocktails.

51. Attend a music concert

Attend a virtual music concert or any music event of the dad-to-be's favorite band or artist, either in-person or online streaming.

52. Schedule a romantic dinner for two

Make reservations for a romantic dinner for two, or create your own special dinner at home. It's a lovely way to celebrate Father's Day and spend quality time with your partner.

53. Gift a DIY baby book

Buy a blank baby book and help the dad-to-be start creating unique pages for their new baby's milestone moments and memories.

54. Host a video game tournament

Host a video game tournament with your partner and compete in the games you both love. This is a great way to bond while enjoying some friendly competition.

55. Gift a professional photo shoot

Hire a professional photographer to take photos of you and your partner during your pregnancy journey or family photoshoot after the baby's arrival.

56. Plan a wine and cheese tasting

Enjoy an evening of wine and cheese tasting with your partner. They can enjoy some of their favorite wine and try some new cheeses.

57. Schedule a prenatal yoga session

Sign up for a prenatal yoga sessions that can help both the expecting dad and mom-to-be relax, stretch, and feel more comfortable throughout the pregnancy.

58. Host a karaoke night

Set up a karaoke machine or use an online karaoke website and have a fun night of singing with your partner. It's an entertaining way to bond and let loose.

59. Gift a baby carrier

Buy a baby carrier that the expecting dad can use to carry his baby during long walks or outings. This is a practical and helpful gift.

60. Host a virtual movie night

Host a virtual movie night with friends and family, where everyone can watch a movie together and discuss it afterward. It's a fun and interactive way to celebrate Father's Day.

61. Gift a newborn care book

Buy a book about baby care that the new dad can read, including sleep training, feeding, diapering, and more.

62. Plan a visit to a local farm

Spend the day outdoors and visit a local farm where you can connect with nature, enjoy fresh produce, and enjoy a petting zoo with your partner.

63. Gift a dad-to-be toolkit

Buy a toolbox with essential tools that the new dad will need to fix something around the house or prepare the nursery.

64. Go on a photo safari

Go on a photo safari and take pictures of wild animals in their natural habitats. This is a unique way to celebrate Father's Day and enjoy some photography.

65. Explore a new city

Spend a day or weekend exploring a new city or town, walk through streets, learn about history and culture, and enjoy local food with your partner.

66. Gift a diaper bag

Buy a stylish diaper bag that the new daddy can use to carry his baby's essentials, including diapers, wipes, and changing clothes.

67. Host a virtual paint and sip

Host a virtual paint and sip with friends and family, where everyone can paint their own canvas while sipping on their favorite drinks.

68. Go for a scenic bike ride

Take a scenic bike ride with your partner and explore your city or town while enjoying fresh air and exercise.

69. Gift a baby carrier backpack

Buy a baby carrier backpack that the expecting dad can use during hiking or long outdoor expeditions with his little one.

70. Plan a day of adventure

Plan a day of adventure with your partner, including zip-lining, kayaking, hiking, or any other outdoor activities that the dad-to-be will enjoy.

71. Gift a personalized baby blanket

Buy a personalized baby blanket with the baby's name or initials. The dad-to-be will love seeing his baby snuggled up in a special blanket.

72. Host a virtual wine and painting night

Host a virtual wine and painting night with friends and family, where everyone can enjoy painting while sipping on their favorite wines.

73. Spend the day at an amusement park

Take a trip to an amusement park and enjoy roller coasters, games, and delicious treats. It's a fun way to celebrate Father's Day and enjoy some thrills.

74. Gift a baby carrier wrap

Buy a baby carrier wrap that the dad-to-be can use to keep his baby close and comforted during the first few months of life.

75. Plan a picnic

Plan a romantic picnic with your partner and enjoy some delicious food in a beautiful location, such as a park, beach, or lakeside.

76. Gift a night of luxury

Book a luxury hotel room for a night and enjoy a night of pampering and relaxation with your partner.

77. Host a virtual trivia night

Host a virtual trivia night with friends and family, where everyone can participate and enjoy some healthy competition.

78. Gift a dad-to-be book club

Buy a package of books about fatherhood, baby care, and parenting that the dad-to-be can read and discuss with other dads-to-be.

79. Spend the day fishing

If the expecting dad enjoys fishing, plan a fishing trip with him for Father's Day. It's a great way to relax and unwind in nature.

80. Gift a personalized keychain

Buy a personalized keychain with a sentimental message that the new dad can carry with him everywhere he goes.

81. Plan a day of pampering

Schedule a day of pampering with your partner by booking massage, facial, pedicure or any other spa treatments that the expecting dad to enjoy.

82. Gift a personalized mug

Buy a personalized coffee mug with a special message that the new dad can use during his morning routine.

83. Watch a virtual stand-up comedy show

Enjoy an evening of laughter and entertainment by watching a virtual stand-up comedy show with your partner.

84. Host a virtual baby shower

Host a virtual baby shower with friends and family, where everyone can join in on the fun from the comfort of their homes.

85. Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt

Take your partner on an outdoor scavenger hunt to explore your city or town and find hidden treasures in unusual places.

86. Go stargazing

Pack some blankets and snacks and go stargazing together during night time as you search for constellations in the night sky.

87. Gift a diaper delivery service subscription

Buy a monthly subscription to a diaper delivery service so that the dad-to-be never runs out of diapers at home again.

88. Gift personalized newborn outfits

Buy one-of-a-kind outfits for the baby with special messages or initials that will make great keepsakes for when he/she grows up!

89. Plan an aquarium outing

Visit an aquarium or sea life center as you observe exotic creatures underwater and learn about different species’ habitats and behaviors together with your partner.

90. Try paddleboarding

If your expecting dad is adventurous, try paddleboarding together! It is an awesome way to spend quality time in nature while enjoying some exercise and beautiful surroundings!

91. Watch sunrise or sunset together

Choose a spot near you where you can watch sunrise or sunset with your partner for an intimate moment spent outdoors appreciating nature’s beauty!

92. Gift a personalized onesie

Buy a personalized onesie with a special message that the dad-to-be can treasure for years to come!

93. Visit a museum or art gallery

Spend an afternoon exploring local art in your city or town as you discover new styles, movements and perspectives together with your partner.

94. Plan an outdoor movie night

Set up an outdoor movie night, where you can watch a movie on a projector while enjoying some cozy blankets and snacks!

95. Invest in baby furniture

Invest in some quality baby furniture such as cribs, changing tables, dressers, and more that the dad-to-be will be able to use throughout his new parenting journey.

96. Try geocaching

Discover the world around you by trying geocaching! It is a fun way to get out of your comfort zone and explore nature while trying something new with your partner!

97. Take cooking classes together

Take some cooking classes together and learn how to make delicious recipes while having fun in the kitchen!

98. Gift Daddy & Me T-shirts

Buy matching “Daddy & Me” t-shirts for the dad-to-be and his little one so they can look like twins when they go out together!

99. Visit an indoor trampoline park

Visit an indoor trampoline park and enjoy some fun activities such as foam pits, dodgeball courts and many more with your partner!

100. Go camping

Pack up your tents or rent one nearby and spend a day or two camping in nature, roasting marshmallows by the campfire at night and enjoying quality time as a couple!

101. Gift baby milestone cards

Buy milestone cards that mark everyday moments throughout parenthood such as first steps, first words, etc., so that the dad-to-be can capture these precious memories forever!

102. Host an online gaming tournament

Host an online gaming tournament with friends or family where everyone can join from their homes for some competitive action!

103. Gift a personalized pillow

Buy a personalized pillow with a special message or photo that the dad-to-be can treasure and keep next to his bed.

104. Make an indoor fort

With some sheets and furniture pieces, build an indoor fort in the living room or kid’s bedroom! It is sure to be a hit with both parents and kids!

105. Go biking together

Take some time out of your busy day to spend outdoors as you go biking together along scenic routes!

106. Put together a memory box

Gather some meaningful keepsakes such as cards from family members, ultrasound photos, etc., and fill up a memory box so that the dad-to-be will never forget this special moment in life.

107. Try new recipes at home

Get creative in the kitchen by trying new recipes together with your partner for some fun culinary exploration!

108. Gift fatherhood books

Buy some inspirational books about fatherhood so that the dad-to-be can learn more about parenthood and be inspired at the same time!

109. Create homemade coupons

Create homemade coupons with tasks such as “One free hug”, “one hour of massage” or any other special gesture you know he would like!

110. Give him time off

Let him have time off work on Father’s Day so that he can relax without feeling guilty or stressed out about work obligations!

111. Plan a road trip adventure

Pack snacks and enjoy a road trip adventure while listening to music, playing games or just having conversations

it is sure to be one unforgettable experience!

112. Attend an online class together

Look for online classes in areas such as cooking, yoga, parenting classes etc., so that you can learn something new together as a couple!

113. Organize dinners for two nights each month

Commit to having dinner for two nights each month where you get away from all distractions and focus on each other without any outside interference!

114. Buy a special watch

Get him a special watch that he can use not just for telling time but also as a reminder of his little one who will be coming soon!

115. Make Daddy & Me mugs

Create a set of matching “Daddy & Me” mugs for the dad-to-be and his little one so that they can always have coffee together!

116. Plant seeds in the garden

Plant some seeds in your garden or balcony to spend some quality time outdoors while creating something beautiful together!

117. Gift photo albums

Gift photo albums with meaningful photos from all the happy occasions you’ve shared together so that he can always look back on them fondly!

118. Play board games

Pick up some classic board games at home, such as Monopoly or Scrabble, to spend some quality family time playing together as a couple.

119. Do DIY projects together

Search online for easy DIY projects, get some materials and have fun doing creative projects at home with your partner!

120. Visit local farms

Visit local farms and experience picking fresh fruits or vegetables, feeding animals or simply sightseeing around these charming places with your partner!

121. Sign up for new hobbies

Join classes or sign up for new hobbies such as photography, dancing lessons etc., so that you can have some extra quality time away from parenting duties!

122. Have a picnic in nature

Pack up sandwiches and snacks and enjoy an outdoor picnic away from all distractions in nature exploring new areas with each other!

123. Take baby bump photos together

Capture this special moment by taking baby bump photos with your partner where you can both be part of this incredible journey together!

124. Create a YouTube channel together

Start a YouTube channel and post videos about your experiences during pregnancy so that you both can share your memories with the world!

125. Host a family gathering

Invite all of your family members over to celebrate Father’s Day and enjoy delicious home-cooked meals together!

126. Gift tickets to sports events

Purchase tickets to sports events such as football or baseball games so that you both can cheer on your favorite team in person!

127. Make breakfast in bed

Surprise him with breakfast in bed one morning by making his favorite pancakes, omelet or toast with jam!

128. Plan a staycation

Look for nearby hotels or resorts and plan a staycation where you can relax by the pool, get spa treatments or just watch movies all day!

129. Give books written by fathers

Buy some inspiring books written by fathers in which he can relate and find solace in similar situations encountered by another dad before him!

130. Go camping outdoors

Set up tents outdoors and spend some quality time together by roasting marshmallows around bonfires and listening to stories under starry nights!

131. Install baby monitors at home

Get baby monitors installed at home so that you can keep an eye on your little one from his bedroom while being able to do other tasks around the house simultaneously!

132. Play dress up with Daddy & Me t-shirts

Have some fun dressing up with matching Daddy & Me t-shirts to bring out the cuteness and create laughter amongst everyone!

133. Design a special mug for Dad-to-be

With customized paint kits, design a special mug for Dad-to-be that he can use every morning sipping his coffee while remembering this momentous occasion of life!

134. Get matching family tattoos

Get matching family tattoos to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your little one and show your commitment as a couple as well!

135. Take family pictures together

Hire a professional photographer or take some pics yourselves with the help of technology and create beautiful memories that you can cherish for life!

136. Have a movie night at home

Choose a movie you both can enjoy and have a cozy movie night together while snacking on popcorn and other treats in the comfort of your own home!

137. Join charity activities together

Look up local charity groups and join activities such as cleaning up rivers or beaches, planting trees or helping out animals to make this day even more special!

138. Give him handmade cards

Show him how much he means to you by writing beautiful messages on handmade cards expressing gratitude for being an amazing partner during this journey!

139. Teach him skills

Pick up new skills that he can learn such as cooking or baking, so that both of you can bond over something meaningful and fun!

140. Reserve baby’s first carseat

Reserve baby’s first car seat in advance to save some time later on when it comes to shopping for all necessities related to parenthood!

141. Learn about parenting & pregnancy together

Take online courses where you both can collaborate and learn about parenting and pregnancy from experts who specialize in this field!

142. Make DIY baby shower decorations

Make DIY decorations for the upcoming baby shower such as message boards, paper chains or banners so that everyone present could admire them afterwards!

143. Gift him spa vouchers

Surprise him with spa vouchers showing gratitude towards his hard work throughout these months providing emotional and physical support through it all!

144. Have a picnic in the park

Pack some sandwiches and fruit juices and have a fun picnic with your partner at the local park while enjoying each other’s company!

145. Watch an inspiring movie

Look up some inspiring movies that will give him courage to welcome and accept this new role of being an incredible father!

146. Give him a handmade scrapbook

Put together a special scrapbook with pictures of all the beautiful moments you experienced during pregnancy plus his favorite songs, poems or quotes!

147. Get matching jewelry items

Look for matching jewelry items such as necklaces, keychains or bracelets that symbolize how you both cherishing each other’s presence!

148. Plant trees together

Plant trees around your neighborhood or garden to mark this remarkable occasion in life and bring attention towards environmental conservation too!

149. Visit a petting zoo

Take a trip to local petting zoo so he can show off his parenting skills by teaching your little one about animals from an early age!

150. Attend childbirth classes together

Take childbirth classes together highlighting the importance of proper care after delivery should any problems occur within the first few weeks!

151. Go on a road trip with family

Pack snacks, drinks and head out for a road trip across town exploring amazing places together creating everlasting memories for years to come!

152. Have breakfast at sunrise by beach/lake side

Wake up early in the morning and go out to watch sunrise near beach/lake side while preparing breakfast yourselves to make it romantic & charming experience!

153. Watch comical skits online

Spend time watching comical skits online involving characters going through similar situations as yours which will add extra laughter into your day!


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