My Story. I've circled the Earth 3 times.

David R. Grant, outdoor gear, experienced traveler, cactuslands

I'm David R. Grant, a genetic traveler.

I've circled the Earth 3 times.

By motorbike, horse (and donkey, seriously) and on foot.

I lived in tents for 4 years.

I love great wide open with snowy peaks on the horizon.

I have done 73 adventures so far and counting.

1 time kidnapped, escaped. Beaten twice. Cheated many times. It was worth it.

Leukemia slowed me down for 3 years, but I overcame that too. It was hard, but I made it!

Now I'm sharing what I've learned. And still do my own adventures out there.

Adventure travelling is essence of LIFE!

Join me here!

Best regards,


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