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Succulents are a very special group of plants that excel in colonizing arid and inhospitable environments. The cactus family is part of the succulent group and is unique to the Americas. Some people think of Cactus as "thorny" and look no further. Their beauty is in their robust nature, unusual branching, interesting spine structure and color, and the delicate vivid color of their flowers. Cacti have become the symbol of the "old west" and the southwest because of their rugged beauty and hardy nature.

We offer plants and handcrafted decorative items that salute the wonders of this rugged spirit.

  • Our cactus and other succulent plants are grown from seed, offset or cutting. We do not sell field collected plants. Not all plants offered or pictured are from the cactus family; however, they are all from the succulent group. While native to various parts of the world, they exhibit similar qualities.
  • Our leather magnets are handmade from quality leather and offer a selection of cactus, Native American, old west, and southwestern designs.
  • Sandpaintings, Navajo Etchware, Horsehair Pottery, and hand carved Alabaster sculptures are great southwest accent pieces for your home.
  • Our handcrafted Southwest picture frames, many with cactus rib inlay help tell the story of the North American West.
  • Our wood sculptures have been hand carved from the wood of an "Ironwood" tree, it's name in Spanish is palo fierro (iron stick). It has a beautiful grain and as it's name implies, is very dense.



The Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia) is the largest of all U.S. yuccas, commonly reaching 30 feet, with larger plants reaching to 50 feet. These trees can be quite wide spreading, with branches extending to 30 feet. Native to the Mojave Desert, the Joshua tree occurs at elevations of 2,000 to 6,000 feet in California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. This picture was taken along US highway 93 north of Wickenburg, Arizona.




An Arizona Sunset 

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