39 BEST Camper Dinette Ideas (Selected)

David R Grant Feb 06, 2023
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When it comes to camper dinettes, the possibilities are endless.

From traditional camper dinette designs to modern and contemporary looks, there is something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy breakfast nook or an inviting entertainment area, camper dinette ideas can help you transform your camper from drab to delightful.

Especially for you - in this article, I have selected 39 of the best camper dinette ideas that will turn your RV into a stylish space in no time!

From built-in bench seating to fold-out tables and even DIY projects – these camper dinette ideas are sure to inspire you as you make over your RV interior.

So let's get started!

1. Brightly Colored Upholstery:

Pops of bright colors are a great way to make camper dinettes stand out and bring the room together.

Choose upholstered pieces in cheerful shades like yellow, pink, or blue for a fun and modern look.

2. Table Benches:

Create a cozy camper dinette by adding bench seating with comfortable cushions around the table instead of chairs.

This gives both kids and adults plenty of space to hang out without having to get up each time someone wants to move around!

3. Built-In Booth Seating:

If you have enough space, consider adding built-in booth seating along one wall of your camper dinette area so that everyone can sit facing each other while eating or playing games at night.

Not only will this provide more room than traditional chairs but it also looks super cute!

4. Vintage Chairs:

For an eclectic vibe, choose vintage wooden chairs with worn paint finishes or fabric covers in different colors and patterns for the camper dinette area

– these will instantly add personality and charm to any interior design scheme!

5. Tall Bar Tables And Stools:

If you’re looking for something more space-saving, why not choose tall bar tables and stools for the camper dinette area?

These will allow you to squeeze more people around the table without compromising on style.

6. Folding Chairs:

For those who like to move around a lot, folding chairs are a great option for camper dinettes as they can be quickly folded up and put away if not in use

– perfect for when you need some extra room.

7. Wall Mounted Table:

If you’re really short on space, consider mounting a small foldable table onto the wall of your camper

– this will provide you with enough room to eat dinner or play board games without taking up too much room!

8. Hammock Seating:

Make camper dinettes more unique with a hammock hung from the ceiling

– this will give your camper a more relaxed and beachy feel, perfect for summer nights spent eating dinner or playing board games!

9. Hanging Lights:

Brighten up camper dinettes by adding hanging lights above them for a warm and inviting atmosphere

– these can be found in all sorts of shapes and sizes to match any interior design style.

10. Nautical Themed Tables & Chairs:

Create an eye-catching camper dinette set-up by choosing tables and chairs with nautical themes like anchors, stripes or sails that reflect your love of the sea!

11. Colorful Throw Pillows:

To make camper dinette seating even cozier, add colorful throw pillows that pop against neutral walls or furniture pieces

– you can never have too many cushions when it comes to getting comfortable!

12. Wallpaper Accent Walls:

For something different, use wallpapers to create an accent wall behind camper dinettes

– this will draw attention to the area while also making it stand out from other parts of the room’s decor scheme

13. Mirror Accent Walls:

A mirror accent wall behind camper dinettes can create a more spacious effect and help to reflect light into the area, making it brighter and airier.

14. Window Curtains:

Add curtains to camper dinette windows for greater privacy when you feel like taking some time away from other people in the camper or want to avoid direct sunlight while eating meals.

15. Map Wall Art:

Hang up maps of your favorite locations around the world above camper dinettes

– this will bring an adventurous touch that’s sure to inspire conversations about past or future trips!

16. Rustic Wood Tables & Chairs:

For a country-style look, choose rustic wood tables and chairs for camper dinettes – these are perfect if you’re looking for something traditional but with a modern twist!

17. Industrial Style Furniture:

Create an industrial vibe by using metal furniture pieces for camper dinettes – this is ideal if you prefer the sleek lines and minimalist appeal of modern design styles!

18. Brightly Colored Tablecloths Or Placemats:

To add color and pattern, use brightly colored tablecloths or placemats for camper dinettes – these can easily be swapped out when you want to change the look.

19. Miniature Herb Garden:

Place a miniature herb garden in front of camper dinettes to make meals more flavorful and add a touch of greenery to your camper’s interior design scheme!

20. Customized Wall Art:

Hang up customized wall art above camper dinettes to add a personal touch to the area – this could be travel-inspired or something that reflects your own individual style.

21. Upholstered Chairs:

Make camper dinette seating even cozier by adding upholstered chairs that can double as additional sleeping space when needed!

22. Built-In Banquettes:

Create an inviting atmosphere with built-in banquettes for camper dinettes – these can provide extra seating and a unique look all at once!

23. Bar Carts & Rolling Cabinets:

Place bar carts and rolling cabinets next to camper dinettes for an easy way to store drinks, snacks, plates and more within reach during meals!

24. Portable Tables & Benches:

Invest in portable furniture pieces like tables and benches so you can quickly transfer the camper dinette setup from one corner of the camper to another whenever needed!

25. Stacked Pallet Benches:

For a camper dinette seating option with a rustic appeal, create stacked pallet benches – these are cost-effective and can easily be made with reclaimed materials found at home improvement stores!

26. Beaded Curtains:

Hang up beaded curtains by camper dinettes for an eye-catching boho-chic look – these come in all sorts of colors and patterns to suit any interior design style.

27. Wallpaper & Art Prints:

Choose wallpapers and art prints that match camper dinettes’ decor themes to bring the area together visually – this will make it feel like a cohesive space rather than just one large room!

28. Wall Decals:

Add camper-themed wall decals to camper dinette walls for a fun, child-friendly look that can easily be changed up as often as you’d like!

29. Outdoor Area Carpets:

Place carpets in the area outside camper dinettes to create an inviting space for dining outdoors and enjoying the fresh air on sunny days!

30. Reclaimed Furniture Pieces:

Put reclaimed furniture pieces to good use by incorporating them into camper dinette setups – this is an eco-friendly way of decorating while also adding character and charm.

31. Built-In Lighting Fixtures:

Install built-in lighting fixtures above camper dinettes for better visibility when eating meals or playing board games after dark!

32. Indoor Plants & Flowers:

Set camper dinettes up amidst indoor plants and flowers for an outdoor feel even when you’re still inside your camper – these will help to bring nature indoors, too!

33. Throw Pillows & Blankets:

Make camper dinette seating areas more comfortable with throw pillows and blankets – these are perfect if you need extra cushioning or just want to add a cozy touch to the camper’s interior design.

These camper dinette ideas will make it easier to create a comfortable, inviting space in your camper that you can enjoy spending time in

– whether it’s for meals or just lounging around!

With the right furniture pieces and decorative touches, camper dinettes can be transformed into a cozy little spot for friends and family to gather.

Get creative and start brainstorming camper dinette ideas today!

You’ll be surprised at how stylish camper dinettes can look.

Happy camper dinette designing!

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