51 BEST Dirt Bike Gift Ideas (Selected)

David R Grant Jan 21, 2023
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Are you looking for dirt bike gift ideas? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

Dirt biking is an incredibly popular sport and hobby, and dirt bikers of all ages enjoy a variety of dirt bike-related gifts.

Whether the dirt biker in your life rides recreationally or professionally, there’s something out there that will make them smile.

So check out these 51 best dirt bike gift ideas below to find your favorite one:

1. A New Helmet:

Safety is key when it comes to dirt biking – get somebody a new helmet as a thoughtful yet practical gift!

Helmets provide amazing protection while also being lightweight and comfortable.

they’re available in many sizes, colors, and styles too so you can pick up exactly what the person needs.

2. Riding Gear:

Protective gear like knee pads, elbow guards, chest protectors, neck braces are must-haves for any serious dirt biker – give someone the complete set or just individual pieces accordingly!

A decent riding suit is also worth considering if they don't already have one; this ensures better safety without compromising on comfort levels either.

3. Racing Accessories:

Gift your favorite rider some accessories tailored towards dirt bike racing.

Some of the best dirt bike gifts include dirt-bike stands, gloves and grips, levers, chains, boots, and even dirt- and off-road tires!

4. Bike Parts:

Help your dirt biker upgrade their dirt bike with some new parts!

5. Bike Accessories:

If dirt biking is the dirt biker’s favorite thing to do, why not get them some accessories for their dirt bike? Some of the best gifts include brake discs and pads, suspension components, engine parts such as pistons and cylinders, exhausts, lighting systems and more.

6. Tools & Maintenance Kits:

For any dirt biker who loves tinkering with their dirt bike in their spare time – get them a tools set or maintenance kit! These kits usually contain screwdrivers, wrenches, spanners and other useful items that your recipient can use to maintain their dirt bike.

7. Riding Gear Storage Bag:

Help make sure your rider's gear stays organized with a convenient storage bag! These bags are designed specifically for riding gear; they often have multiple compartments so it's easy to keep everything safe from scratches or damage during transit too.

8. Protective Layers:

Keep riders cool in hot weather with protective layers like arm guards and leg guards made out of breathable fabric which won't compromise on comfort levels either! This is an especially great gift idea if the person you're gifting already has all kinds of riding gear

9. Backpack:

A dirt bike backpack is a must-have accessory – and it's useful for both dirt bikers and non-dirt bikers alike! Choose from packs with built-in hydration systems, compartments specifically designed to hold dirt biking gear, or even backpacks that double as a dirt bike helmet carrier.

10. Protective Eyewear:

Another great dirt biking gift idea is protective eyewear. Eye protection during dirt biking can save your eyesight from dust, mud spatter and other debris that can be thrown up when riding off road. Look for shatterproof lenses made from polycarbonate material which resists impact better than regular plastic lenses too!

11. Communications Equipment:

For those looking to take their dirt biking experience further – get them some communications equipment like an intercom system so they can stay in touch with the rest of their group while out on the trail! Or consider getting them a set of Bluetooth earbuds so they don't miss any important calls or messages while on the go either.

12. Bike Stand:

A great way to keep a dirt bike stable while cleaning or doing maintenance work is by using a stand; these come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit almost any dirt bike.

13. Bike Apparel:

For dirt bikers who like to look the part – there are plenty of apparel options available. Items like dirt bike t-shirts, dirt bike hoodies, dirt bike hats

14. Bike Cleaning Supplies:

Help dirt bikers keep their dirt bike looking and running like new with some essential cleaning supplies! Get them a dirt-bike specific cleaner and degreaser, or even an air filter oil if they’ve got air filters. Also consider items such as tire shine spray, scrubbing brushes, dry lubricant spray and more.

15. Motorcycle Lifts:

Another great dirt biking gift idea is a motorcycle lift; these are perfect for raising the dirt bike to make repairs or maintenance easier without having to strain themselves too much!

16. Helmet Stickers:

Helmet stickers are the epitome of personalizing your ride – get your favorite rider some dirt-bike themed helmet stickers in all kinds of shapes and sizes so they can customize their look however they want!

17. Riding Gloves:

Give riders extra grip when out on the trail with some riding gloves – pick from full finger gloves, half finger gloves or even mitten style gloves depending on what kind of activity they prefer doing most! These come in various colors too which is always nice.

18. Bike Decals & Graphics Kits:

Dirt bikers who like to make a colorful statement with their dirt bike can make use of decals and graphics kits; these come in different designs and are super easy to put onto dirt bikes for an instant upgrade in appearance.

19. Bike Stand:

A dirt bike stand is great for dirt bikers who want to take a break and rest their dirt bike – these stands come in all kinds of shapes and sizes so you can choose from

20. Tool Kits:

A dirt biker's best friend is a comprehensive tool kit – look for dirt bike specific tool kits which come with all the essential tools needed to do basic repairs and maintenance on dirt bikes, without having to carry around bulky items.

21. Bike Lock:

Help dirt bikers keep their dirt-bike safe from theft with a sturdy lock; these come in various designs and sizes depending on what kind of security they need.

22. Riding Apparel:

Give riders something comfortable yet stylish to wear when out riding; there are plenty of options available ranging from dirt biking jerseys, trousers, boots, gloves and more!

23. Portable Tire Pump & Air Compressor:

For those who like keeping tires properly inflated while on the go – get them an air compressor or portable tire pump so they can stay prepared during rides!

24. GPS Unit:

Keep track of where your favorite rider has been by getting them a handy GPS unit; these are great for finding that secret trail spot or just for general navigation purposes too!

25. Bike Cover:

Help dirt bikers protect their dirt bikes from the elements with a bike cover – these come in all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors to fit almost any dirt bike!

26. Riding Light Kit:

Essential for night-time riding; pick up some LED light kits which are super bright and perfect for making sure dirt bikers can remain visible while out on the trails!

27. Chain Lubricant & Cleaner:

Proper chain maintenance is important for dirt bikes, so get them some chain lubricant or cleaning kits to keep their dirt bike chains running smoothly without any extra hassle.

28. Spark Plug Protector Cap:

Prevent dirt biker's spark plugs from getting clogged or damaged by gifting them with a spark plug protector cap – these help prevent dust, debris and other particles from entering the spark plug holes when not in use.

29. Safety Gear Sets:

No matter how experienced your favorite rider is – it’s always good practice to have full safety gear sets such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads etc., just incase they ever need it while out riding their dirt bike!

30. Spare Tire:

A dirt biker can never be too prepared so why not get them a spare tire as well? These come in all kinds of sizes and shapes depending on the dirt bike's make/model so be sure to pick up one which is suitable for their dirt bike!

31. Riding Camera:

A dirt biker who loves to capture their adventures can make use of a riding camera – these are great for capturing all the awesome moments while out on trails, and they come in various shapes and sizes depending on one's needs.

32. Off-Road Tool Pouch Bag:

Keep dirt bikers organized with an off-road tool pouch bag – these bags come with plenty of pockets so riders can carry items like tools, snacks, spare parts etc., without having to worry about them getting lost or damaged!

33. Workshop Manuals & Service Books:

For those dirt bikers who want to get their hands dirty when it comes to repairs, workshop manuals and service books are essential; make sure you pick up the correct one for your favorite dirt bike rider’s model!

34. Brake Fluid & Oil Change Kit:

Help dirt bikers keep their brakes in top shape by gifting them with a brake fluid/oil change kit – these help ensure that brakes remain responsive during rides as well as keeping dirt bikes running smoothly every time!

35. Cleaning Solutions & Degreasers:

Keep dirt bike engines clean and running smooth with cleaning solutions and degreasers; these help dirt bikers keep dirt bikes in tip top condition between services or repairs.

36. Tune-Up & Maintenance Kit:

Get dirt bikers the tools they need to keep their dirt bike running in top condition with a tune-up and maintenance kit – these kits come complete with all sorts of items such as spark plugs, oils, filters etc., so dirt bikers can easily perform their own simple repairs or services.

37. Helmet & Goggle Sets:

Keep dirt bikers protected with a helmet and goggle set; these sets often include high quality helmets, goggles and other protective gear which are specifically designed for off-road riding!

38. Bluetooth Headset:

Let dirt bikers listen to music or take calls while out on the trails without having to carry around an extra device by getting them a pair of wireless bluetooth headphones.

39. Mobile Phone Mounts/Holders:

Keep riders' phones secure while out riding by giving them a phone mount or holder – these make sure that mobile devices remain safe during rides even if they hit any bumps along the way!

40. Trail Maps & Atlases:

Make navigation easier by gifting your favorite dirt biker some trail maps and atlases so they know exactly where they’re going while out on rides!

41. Mechanic’s Tool Kit:

Help dirt bikers save money on repairs by gifting them a mechanic’s tool kit which will come with all the essential tools for general dirt bike maintenance and repair.

42. Protective Lower Body Gear:

Keep dirt bikers protected against scrapes and bruises while out riding with protective lower body gear such as knee & shin guards, knee braces etc.

43. Air Filter Cleaner/Oil Kit:

Improve performance of dirt bikes by keeping their air filters in top shape – gift dirt bikers an air filter cleaner or oil kit to help keep engines running smoothly without any extra hassle!

44. Rear Tire Chainsaw Protector:

Prevent punctures caused by flying rocks and other debris when out on trails with a rear tire chainsaw protector – these protectors make sure that tires remain safe from any unwanted damage!

45. Bike Stand & Lift Set:

Make it easier for dirt bikers to work on their dirt bikes by providing them with a bike stand and lift set; this can be used whenever they want to change tires, clean up their ride or perform some minor repairs quickly!

46. Riding Gear:

Make dirt biking more comfortable and stylish with a complete set of riding gear such as shirts, pants, jackets etc; these items usually come with plenty of storage pockets so dirt bikers can carry their essential items along on trails!

47. Alarm System & Lock:

Protect dirt bikes from theft or damage while parked by gifting your favorite dirt biker an alarm system and lock – this will help them make sure that their ride is safe even when they’re away!

48. Helmet Camera & Recorder:

Let dirt bikers record all their awesome moments on the trails with a helmet camera/recorder – these are designed to capture HD footage while out riding, so they can share it afterwards with friends or family.

49. Off-Road GPS Navigation Device:

Help dirt bikers find their way back home by giving them an off-road GPS navigation device which makes finding trails easier no matter where you are!

50. Emergency Tool Kit:

Make sure dirt bikers always have access to the essentials during any mechanical mishaps by getting them an emergency tool kit – this includes things like tire levers, lubricants, spark plug wrenches etc., which

51. Spark Plug Cleaner & Tester:

Make dirt bikers’ lives easier by providing them with a spark plug cleaner and tester – this will help them keep their dirt bikes running properly without having to take it to the shop every time!

52. Air Compressor:

Help dirt bikers pump up their tires quickly before any ride by gifting them an air compressor; these usually come with flexible hoses so they can reach all the hard-to-reach places when pumping up tires.

53. Tire Gauge:

Keep dirt bikes in top shape by gauging tire pressure accurately, especially while out on trails – gift your favorite dirt biker a quality tire gauge, which will make sure that they always stay informed of how much air is left in their tires!

54. Off-Road Light Set:

Improve visibility during night rides or overcast days by giving dirt bikers an off-road light set; these sets usually come complete with LED lights for maximum illumination even in low light conditions!

55. Fork Service Kit:

Keep forks working smoothly for longer with a fork service kit – this includes essential items such as oil seals and other parts specifically designed for maintaining dirt bike forks, so dirt bikers don’t have to worry about any extra trips to the repair shop!

There you have it – 55 dirt bike gift ideas that will surely bring a smile on your favorite dirt biker's face.

Whether they're looking for protection, convenience, or performance upgrades, these dirt bike gifts are sure to leave them feeling satisfied and ready for the next ride with confidence.

Happy riding!

Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only.