51 BEST German Shepherd Movie Names (Selected)

David R Grant Jan 24, 2023
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German Shepherd

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German Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds in the world, and have been featured in a variety of films and television shows.

From classic family favorites to modern-day blockbusters, these pooches sure know how to command attention when they’re on screen!

I’ve carefully selected 51 awesome german shepherd movie names that you can use for your own pup.

1. White Fang

A 1991 Disney film based on Jack London's novel, this adventure story follows two men as they search for gold with their loyal canine companion White Fang by their side.

The title character is described as being both brave and dependable – perfect traits for any german shepherd!

2. Benji

This 1974 cult classic features a lovable stray german shepherd named Benji who befriends two children who are stranded after their vacation goes wrong.

Despite his raggedy appearance, he proves to be an invaluable asset due to his intelligence and courage in the face of danger.

3. Shiloh:

This 1996 adaptation of Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s Newbery Medal-winning novel tells the heartwarming tale of a german shepherd pup named Shiloh

... who is adopted by a boy determined to keep him away from an abusive owner.

4. Beethoven:

The 1992 comedy follows the misadventures of beagle and german shepherd mix Beethoven, as he gets into all sorts of trouble while trying to find his way back home.

5. Red Dog:

This 2011 Australian drama tells the story of a german shepherd crossbreed called Red Dog, who embarks on an epic journey across Australia in order to reunite with his long-lost master.

6. Lassie Come Home:

This beloved 1943 film stars german shepherd Pal as the titular character Lassie, a loyal family pet who embarks on a long and dangerous journey in order to be reunited with her owner.

7. Hachi:

A Dog’s Tale: This 2009 drama follows the story of german shepherd Hachiko, who faithfully waited at the train station every day for his master after his death – an incredible testament to loyalty and devotion.

8. The Adventures Of Milo And Otis:

This 1986 Japanese film features german shepherds Milo and Otis as they embark on a series of adventures while trying to find their way back home.

Along the way, they encounter all sorts of fascinating animals, from foxes and cats to seals and pandas!

9. The Call Of The Wild:

This 2020 live-action adaptation of Jack London’s classic novel stars german shepherd Buck as he embarks on a journey to discover his true nature while facing off against the harsh realities of the Yukon wilderness.

10. Snow Buddies:

This 2008 family movie follows german shepherd Shasta, who teams up with an eccentric pack of dogs in order to compete in a grueling sled race across Alaska and save their owner’s beloved pet rabbit from a fierce rival team!

11. Air Bud:

World Pup: A sequel to the 1997 original, this 2000 film follows german shepherd Buddy as he helps his young friend unearth her grandfather’s lost gold mine – no matter what obstacles stand in their way.

12. Iron Will:

This 1994 Disney drama tells the story of german shepherd Teddy, who faces incredible adversity as he competes alongside hundreds of other mushers for first place at an epic international dog sled derby held every year near Lake Winnipeg in Canada.

13. Eight Below:

In this 2006 adventure movie, german shepherds Max and Maya lead a daring mission to rescue two stranded scientists after they become trapped due to extreme weather conditions in Antarctica.

14. The Incredible Journey:

This 1963 classic follows german shepherds Luath and Bodger, who team up with a Siamese cat on an epic journey across the Canadian wilderness as they try to find their way back home.

15. Iron Jawed Angels:

This 2004 drama stars german shepherd Liberty Belle as she courageously stands up for women’s right to vote, despite facing immense opposition from men and even her own family.

16. White Fang:

This 1991 adaptation of Jack London’s classic novel follows german shepherd White Fang, who is rescued from an abusive owner and must learn to trust humans again while navigating the harsh realities of 19th-century Canada.

17. Max 2:

White House Hero: This 2017 adventure stars german shepherd Max as he teams up with a young boy to stop a sophisticated group of criminals from infiltrating the President's home in order to steal highly confidential information.

18. Snowdogs:

In this 2002 film, german shepherds Thunder, Bolt and Lightening face off against an evil land developer who wants to build on their beloved master’s property – no matter what it takes!

19. Red Fern Grows:

This 2003 drama tells the story of german shepherds Old Dan and Little Ann as they help their family through poverty and tragedy in rural Oklahoma during the Great Depression era.

20. Turner & Hooch:

This 1989 buddy cop movie stars german shepherd Hooch, who teams up with his human partner Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) to solve a murder mystery before it’s too late!

21. K-9:

This 1989 movie follows german shepherd Jerry Lee, who is trained as a police dog and helps catch a major drug smuggler.

22. Yellowstone Kelly:

This 1959 Western tells the story of german shepherd Buck, who accompanies frontiersman Luther 'Yellowstone' Kelly (Clint Walker) on his mission to negotiate peace between white settlers and Native Americans in post Civil War America.

23. The Shaggy Dog:

In this 2006 remake of the classic family movie, german shepherd Rebound helps an assistant district attorney find out why he turns into a sheepdog every time he gets angry!

24. Benji:

Off The Leash!: This 2004 film follows german shepard Benji as he finds himself on an incredibly daring rescue mission when two young children are kidnapped from their small town by criminals seeking revenge against their father’s past mistakes.

25 .Old Yeller:

In this 1957 Disney classic, german shepherd Old Yeller forms an unbreakable bond with a human family living in Texas during the late 1800s – despite facing some serious adversity along the way!

26. A Dog's Journey:

This 2019 movie follows german shepherd Bailey as he navigates multiple life stages, learning valuable lessons while protecting the humans he loves with all his heart.

27. Rottweiler:

This 2004 action-thriller tells the story of german shepherd Maximus, who must protect a young girl from a criminal gang that is determined to get their hands on her mysterious gift – no matter what it takes!

28. Shepherd:

The Hero Dog: This 2011 drama stars german shepherds Reina and Bubeck as they help rescue an entire Mexican village from falling into poverty and despair after being devastated by natural disasters.

29. Sniffer Dogs:

In this 2017 family adventure film, german shepherds Lucky and Flo use their outstanding sniffing skills to track down stolen items across Europe in order to save the day!

30. K9 Adventures – Legend Of The Lost Gold:

This 2014 family movie follows german shepherd Cody as he uses his investigative skills to uncover a long lost treasure hidden somewhere in Arizona’s Grand Canyon!

31. 8 Below:

In this 2006 adventure, german shepherds Maya, Old Jack, Dewey and Shadow join forces with an Antarctic explorer to survive the harsh wilderness in order to find their way home.

32. Big Red:

This 1962 classic follows german shepherd Big Red as he embarks on a daring mission to save his family’s farm from being taken away by a ruthless businessman.

33. White Dog:

This 1982 drama tells the story of german shepherd Schultz who is trained to attack people of color – until he meets Julie (Kristy McNichol) who sets out to rehabilitate him and undo years of abuse at the hands of humans determined to use him for nefarious purposes .

34. K-911 :

This 1999 comedy stars gerson shepherd Jerry Lee as he assists his human partner in solving a major crime spree that has been taking place all over Los Angeles County!

35. Benji The Hunted:

Set in the Pacific Northwest, this 1987 movie sees german shepard Benji embark on a daring rescue mission when two orphan cubs get separated from their mother during poaching season!

36.The Shiloh Series :

A series comprised of four films, german shepherd Shiloh is a loyal pooch who must protect his family’s farm from ruthless hunters and thieves.

37. Shep's Big Adventure :

This 2014 animated film follows german shepard Shep as he embarks on an incredible journey with three unlikely friends in order to find a long-lost home for their puppy pals!

38. The Dogs Of War:

In this 1980 political thriller, german shepherds are used by mercenaries to track down a corrupt African dictator who has been wreaking havoc on the population of a small country.

39. See Spot Run :

In this 2001 comedy, german shepherd Agent 11 helps an FBI agent apprehend an escaped convict while also providing comedic relief and a bit of romance.

40. A Dog's Way Home :

This 2019 drama follows german shepherd Bella on her 400-mile journey home after she’s separated from her beloved human family.

41. Hotel for Dogs:

In this 2009 comedy, german shepherds Andi and Bruce use their wits to help find homes for stray pups while evading the authorities who are determined to shut down their makeshift hotel!

42. The History Of Dogs:

This 2015 documentary takes a look at german shepherds throughout history, from the first german shepherd born in the late 1800s to modern day working dogs and more!

43. A Dog's Journey:

In this 2019 drama, german shepherd Bailey embarks on an epic quest to reconnect with his beloved human after being separated from them by a tragic event.

44. The Secret of NIMH:

This 1982 animated adventure stars german shepherd Justin as he bravely helps a family of field mice escape the clutches of an evil farmer and save their home!

45. Rin Tin Tin :

This 1954 classic tells the story of german shepherd Rin Tin Tin who is taken in by a US army captain during World War I and helps him protect a small French town from German invaders.

46. All Dogs Go To Heaven :

Set in 1939 New Orleans, this 1989 musical tells the tale of german shepherd Charlie B Barkin who must go up against Carface – an evil dog determined to take control over all of Dogtown!

47. Beethoven’s 2nd:

In this 1993 comedy, german shepherds George and Max help their unsuspecting owners find true love while preventing two conniving conmen from stealing their fortune!

48. Turner & Hooch:

This 1989 comedy follows german shepherd Hooch as he helps a police officer (Tom Hanks) apprehend some dangerous criminals while also learning the value of friendship along the way.

49. My Dog Skip:

This 2000 drama tells the heartwarming story of german shepherd Skip who helps an introverted young boy faced with difficult family circumstances to gain courage and find his place in life.

50. The Adventures Of Tintin:

In this 2011 animated adventure, german shepherd Snowy assists a daring journalist as he embarks on a quest to uncover the secrets behind a mysterious sea creature model!

51. Eight Below:

This 2006 survival drama follows german shepherds Max, Maya, Dewey and Shadow as they bravely defy all odds to survive extreme Antarctic conditions and help their human companions return back home safely.


Beverly Hills Chihuahua:

In this 2008 comedy, german shepherd Delgado teams up with Chloe (a chihuahua voiced by Drew Barrymore) in order to rescue her owner’s kidnapped pup.

These german shepherd movie names provide an interesting look at how this lovable breed has been portrayed in popular culture over the years!

Whether they’re helping humans solve major crimes or embarking on daring rescue missions, german shepherds are truly one of a kind.

We hope you enjoyed this list and that it helped bring to life all of the amazing things german shepherds can do!

Until next time, keep enjoying those german shepherd movies!

Happy watching!

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