53 BEST Halloween Camper Ideas (Selected)

David R Grant Feb 06, 2023
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Are you looking for some spooky fun this Halloween season?

If so, then why not consider camping out in your RV or camper?

With the right halloween decorations and a little imagination, you can transform your vehicle into a haunted house on wheels!

Especially for you - here are my top 53 halloween camper ideas to help make it an unforgettable experience.

From creepy lighting to ghoulish props, these halloween campers will have everyone screaming with delight - or terror!

So get ready to decorate and enjoy the fright of halloween night like never before.

1. Jack-o’-Lantern Campfire:

Give your halloween campers a spooky night by decorating your campsite with carved pumpkins and setting up a cozy campfire.

Make sure you have plenty of treats for roasting, such as marshmallows or s'mores.

2. Ghostly Glamping:

Up the glamour at your halloween camping event with glamorous decorations like white twinkle lights, glowing lanterns, eerie garlands, and lots of black accents to create the perfect ghostly glamping experience.

3. Movie Night in the Woods:

Set up an outdoor movie theater complete with chairs and blankets so that halloween campers can watch their favorite scary movies under the stars—with plenty of popcorn on hand!

Be sure to bring extra snacks too—like candy corn or gummy worms!

4. Pumpkin Carving Party:

Get creative by inviting halloween campers over for a pumpkin carving party where they can show off their best jack-o'-lantern creations while enjoying some seasonal treats (spiced cider anyone?).

Don't forget to provide stencils and tools for those who may not be experienced pumpkin carvers yet!

5. Spooky Scavenger Hunt:

Set up a halloween-themed scavenger hunt for halloween campers to explore the area in search of spooky items!

Be sure to give them a list of halloween related items they should be looking for, like bats, spiders and pumpkins.

Make it extra fun by setting up clues along the way with challenges that must be solved in order to proceed.

6. Witch’s Kitchen Campsite:

Channel your inner witch or wizard as you decorate your halloween campsite!

Hang black and purple fabric from trees, light some magical candles and set out cauldrons filled with skeleton bones, slimy eyeballs or other halloween treats—to really give it an authentic witch’s kitchen feel.

7. Costume Contest:

Just because you're camping doesn't mean the costume party has to end! Set up a halloween themed photo booth where halloween campers can show off their costumes and have them voted on by others at the campsite

- making it easy to pick a winner at the end of the night!

8. Ghoulish Games Galore:

Set up halloween themed games like bobbing for apples, a mummy wrap race or a halloween version of hide and seek!

Be sure to include lots of prizes for the winners, such as halloween candy or glow-in-the-dark toys.

9. Halloween Campfire Storytelling:

Gather halloween campers around the campfire and tell your best spooky stories.

You can also have everyone take turns sharing their own halloween tales - just don't forget to bring a flashlight in case it gets too dark while you're telling stories!

10. Creepy Campsite Lighting:

Create a spine-tingling atmosphere by lighting your halloween campsite with halloween-themed lights, such as orange string lights, colored LED spotlights or even glowing orbs and lanterns.

11. Halloween Corn Maze Adventure:

Grab some halloween campers and head to the nearest corn maze for an adventure like no other! Make sure you dress up in costume, bring flashlights and take plenty of pictures along the way.

12. Trick or Treat Trail Ride:

Take halloween camping to the next level by transforming your RV into an enchanted carriage and setting off on a halloween themed trick or treat trail ride!

Be sure to provide halloween treats along the way and plenty of halloween-themed decorations to create a truly magical experience.

13. Bonfire Magic:

Gather halloween campers around a roaring bonfire, add some halloween themed snacks and decorations to create the perfect atmosphere for telling spooky stories, playing halloween-themed games or even singing ghostly songs!

14. Halloween Crafts:

Bring supplies for halloween campers to get creative—including felt cutouts of bats, ghosts and pumpkins; paper plates; markers;

glitter glue and more—so they can make their own halloween crafts!

15. Haunted Trail Tour:

Embark on an eerie walk through a haunted trail accompanied by halloween campers in costume and equipped with flashlights

so you can spot all the creepy creatures lurking in the woods along your journey!

16. Monster Mash Campsite Dance:

Set up halloween-themed music and have halloween campers dress up in costume for a monster mash dance party!

Don’t forget to bring decorations, glow sticks and halloween treats so the little monsters can enjoy their spooky affair.

17. Halloween Movie Night:

Set up a projector at your campsite and show halloween themed movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas or Hocus Pocus

- complete with snacks such as popcorn, candy apples or chocolate spiders!

18. S'mores Roast:

Gather halloween campers around the fire for some good old fashioned s’mores roasting!

Add some festive twists by making them with pumpkin spice marshmallows or using orange-colored chocolate bars to really tie it all together.

19. Pumpkin Carving Contest:

Challenge halloween campers of all ages to create their best jack-o'-lantern creations while enjoying some seasonal treats (spiced cider anyone?).

Don't forget to provide stencils and tools for those who may not be experienced pumpkin carvers yet!

20. Ghost Tour Adventure:

Check out your local haunted spots and take halloween campers on a ghost tour!

This is sure to be a spook-tacular experience and provide some great photo ops along the way.

21. Halloween Costume Parade:

Gather halloween campers of all ages—dressed in their halloween costumes, of course!— to march around the campsite and show off their creative outfits.

Don’t forget to award prizes for the most original costume, best family theme or funniest costume!

22. Trick-or-Treat Trail:

Set up a trick-or-treat trail with halloween themed decorations and treats at different stations within your campsite.

Be sure to provide halloweenseasonal activities such as bobbing for apples or building scarecrows along the way too!

23. Spooky Scavenger Hunt:

Create a list of spooky items that halloween campers can search for while exploring outdoors - think things like spider webs, pumpkins, bats etc.

Make it even more fun by adding a time limit and giving out prizes for completing the scavenger hunt in record time!

24. Halloween Campfire Storytelling:

Gather halloween campers around a crackling campfire and use the flickering light to tell some spooky legends or halloween themed stories!

Make sure you take turns so that everyone has a chance to share their own tales.

25. Flashlight Fun:

Bring flashlights for halloween camping and play flashlight tag, flashlight hide-and-go-seek or create your own halloweenthemed games involving flashlights!

This is a great way to encourage halloween campers of all ages to get up and moving in the dark.

26. Costume Photo Contest:

Encourage halloween campers of all ages to dress up in costume and have them submit photos from their halloween camping experience for a fun photo contest with prizes like candy apples, glow sticks or movie tickets!

27. Marshmallow Roast With S'more Variations:

Bring marshmallows, chocolate bars (try different flavors!), graham crackers plus other ingredients such as peanut butter cups, colorful sprinkles, white chocolate chips etc.

—for variations on s’more favorites! Get creative with your combinations while

28. Make Your Own Halloween Lanterns:

Gather halloween campers to create their own festive lanterns out of paper bags, construction paper, markers and glowstick candles!

This is a great way for halloween campers to get creative and make something special with their hands.

29. Halloween Nature Walk:

Go on an exploration around the campsite to look for halloweenthemed plants, animals or insects in nature!

Bring binoculars or magnifying glasses so halloween campers can take a closer look at the nature they find along the way.

30. Bonfire Spook Stories:

Light up your bonfire pit and invite halloween campers of all ages over for some spooky storytelling fun!

Have each camper tell a scary story as you watch shadows dance across the flames

- perfect for winding down after exploring outdoors during daylight hours!

31. Pumpkin Spaghetti:

Gather halloween campers to make a pumpkin-flavored spaghetti dish!

This is an easy-to-make recipe that’s sure to be a hit with halloween campers of all ages.

Simply cook up some pasta and blend together diced pumpkins, garlic and olive oil for the sauce.

32. Monster Mash Dance Party:

Create halloweenthemed decorations around your campsite and then blast spooky tunes while halloween campers dance the night away in their costumes!

Make it even more fun by playing games like Musical Chairs or Freeze Dance between songs.

33. Jack-o'-Lantern Carving Competition:

Invite halloween campers of all ages to carve jack-o'-lanterns in creative ways - from choosing interesting faces or shapes, to carving abstract designs with intricate detail! Award prizes (candy apples) for the most unique designs at this competitive event!

34. Halloween Movie Marathon:

Gather halloween campers around a projector screen or laptop/tablet computer and show classic horror movies such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus or The Addams Family. For younger halloween campers, opt for less-scary options like Scooby Doo and the Goblin King or Monsters Inc.!

35. Halloween Camping Bingo:

Create halloween-themed bingo cards with items to be searched for while exploring outdoors such as spider webs, pumpkins, and bats!

Have halloween campers mark off each item they find until one camper gets a full line (or blackout) of halloweenthemed items!

36. Spider Web Relay Race:

Divide halloween campers into teams and have them compete in a relay race to create the most intricate spider web designs using yarn or string - whoever finishes first wins the prize!

37. Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest:

Host a pumpkin pie eating contest for halloween campers at your campsite!

Provide pre-sliced pieces of pumpkin pies that halloween campers can devour as fast as possible - make sure you provide plenty of napkins for this messier event!

38. Halloween Camping Photo Scavenger Hunt:

Create clues around the campsite that lead halloween campers on a scavenger hunt with their camera phones/tablets

— take pictures along the way to document their findings and post it online afterwards so everyone can see all the

39. Campfire Ghost Stories:

Gather halloween campers around the bonfire and have each one share their own ghost story, or read aloud from a halloweenthemed book!

Make sure to provide plenty of snacks for halloween campers to munch on during this activity.

40. Halloween Piñata:

Hang a piñata filled with halloweenthemed treats such as candy apples and orange-colored lollipops!

Invite halloween campers of all ages over to take turns taking swings at the piñata until it breaks open - then watch everyone scramble for the treats inside.

41. Trick-or-Treat Around The Campsite:

Invite halloween campers of all ages over to dress up in costumes while they go door-to-door asking other campsite guests “trick or treat?”

Each camper receives a goody bag full of halloweenthemed treats when they visit each site!

42. Costume Parade & Contest:

Invite halloween campers of all ages over to show off their best costumes in front of the group - award prizes (candy apples) to the most creative, spookiest and funniest halloween costumes!

43. Halloween Themed Crafts:

Gather halloween campers together to create halloweenthemed crafts!

Provide a variety of materials such as glue, paper, googly eyes and pipe cleaners for halloween campers to craft their own spooky creations.

44. S’mores & Storytelling:

Invite halloween campers over to roast marshmallows over the fire pit while sharing their own ghost stories

- make sure you have plenty of chocolate bars and graham crackers on hand!

45. Shadow Puppet Show:

Gather halloween campers around the bonfire and use your hands or flashlights to cast shadows onto a white sheet

or wall behind you in order to tell a spooky story with characters created entirely from silhouette.

46. Trick-or-Treating at Local Businesses:

Schedule a visit for halloween campers to local businesses near your campsite where they can dress up in costumes and ask passersby for candy treats

- encourage halloweenthemed decorating at each business beforehand if possible!

47. Haunted Trail Walk:

Set up an outdoor walking path with suspended props that move when touched by halloween campers

- create an eerie atmosphere with halloweenthemed music playing in the background to make it extra spooky.

48. Halloween Camping Scavenger Hunt:

Create a list of halloweenthemed items for halloween campers to search for on their walk around the campsite such as bats, spiders and pumpkins!

Give halloween campers a time limit and whoever finds all the items first wins a prize.

49. Pumpkin Carving Contest:

Provide halloween campers with pre-scooped out pumpkins and a variety of carving tools so they can each carve their own masterpiece!

Award prizes to halloween campers who design the most unique or spookiest

50. Bonfire and S’mores Making:

Gather halloween campers around a bonfire to roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories.

Make sure you have plenty of graham crackers, chocolate bars and sticks handy for everyone to use!

51. Costume Fashion Show:

Invite halloween campers over to show off their costumes while they run down an imaginary runway - award prizes to halloweenthemed campsites with the best decorations or spookiest display!

52. Maze Challenge:

Set up a large outdoor maze that halloween campers can explore together — provide a halloweenthemed prize at the end for whoever manages to find their way out first!

53. Halloween Movie Night:

Pick out your favorite scary movie for halloween campers to watch in front of a projector screen set up outdoors, preferably near the bonfire so people can heat themselves during chillier nights.

And: Pumpkin Painting Contest:

Provide pre-scooped pumpkins that halloween campers can decorate using paints, markers or other art supplies — create different categories such as “Spookiest Design” or “Most Creative Use

These halloween camper ideas are sure to get your halloween camping adventure off to a ghoulish start!

Have fun planning out all the halloween activities and don’t forget the costumes for an extra special touch.

Happy halloween camping!

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