63 BEST Gift Ideas For Travel Nurses (Selected)

David R Grant Jan 22, 2023
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Travel nurses are hardworking, dedicated professionals who often sacrifice their own comfort to provide the best care for their patients.

They deserve to be recognized and rewarded for all of their efforts! If you're looking for gift ideas for travel nurses, we've got your back.

Here are 63 gift ideas that will show them how much they’re appreciated and make sure they have everything they need while on the go.

From practical items like a stethoscope bag and compression socks to unique presents like personalized coffee mugs or engraved jewelry, there's something here that any travel nurse would love!

So let's get started...

1. Travel-Friendly Carry On Bag:

For travel nurses on the go, a reliable carry-on bag is essential. A great gift option thanks to its versatility and practicality, look for a lightweight but spacious piece that can easily fit into overhead compartments.

2. Noise Cancelling Headphones:

Whether flying or taking the train to their next assignment, noise canceling headphones are an amazing gift idea for travel nurses because they allow them to focus more on work without being distracted by outside ambient noise in airports or public transportation centers.

3. Portable Charger Bank:

With constant usage of smartphones throughout their day, this gift will keep your travel nurse friend always connected with their family and friends no matter where their adventures take them! Look for one with plenty of storage capacity like 10400 mAH so it’s compatible with many different devices at once including phones, tablets and even laptops too!

4. Kindle EReader:

Perfect for reading during long flights; gifting a Kindle will only encourage students to read more about nursing related topics as well as other books in general - which is never a bad thing!

5. Stethoscope Bag:

A stethoscope bag is the perfect gift for any travel nurse on the go; it provides a convenient place to keep their medical tools and equipment, while simultaneously protecting them from dust and dirt when not in use.

6. Personalized Coffee Mugs:

Personalizing items is always a thoughtful gift, and coffee mugs make no exception – this will certainly be appreciated more than ever by travel nurses who need an extra boost of caffeine before starting their shift!

7. Compression Socks:

Compression socks are comfortable, breathable and incredibly effective at keeping feet happy during long shifts or flights; they’re must-haves for any professional traveler regardless of industry or profession! Bonus points if you include multiple pairs with different colors/patterns so that your gift recipient can mix ‘n match their style depending on where they’ll be going next!

8. Pill Box Organizer:

For those days when work calls for taking medication between shifts or while traveling, having a pill box organizer makes life easier (and safer). Look for one that has compartments labeled according to day/time so as to avoid confusion - ideal

9. Travel First Aid Kit:

To ensure your travel nurse friend is always prepared for any medical emergency, gift them a comprehensive first aid kit that includes bandaids, antiseptic wipes and other essential items like burn ointment or pain relief medicine.

10. Insulated Water Bottle:

An insulated water bottle will help keep drinks nice and cold throughout long shifts – look for one with a wide mouth so it’s easier to fill up!

11. Engraved Jewelry:

If you want to gift something special, an engraved item of jewelry makes the perfect choice - whether its initials on pendants or motivational messages etched onto bracelets; these can serve as reminders of strength while they’re away from home!

12. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

For those times when they need some music in their lives; gift them a wireless speaker that allows them to stream audio straight from their phone without having to worry about being tethered by cords! This also comes in really handy when lounging around between shifts too!

13. Laptop Backpack:

A laptop backpack is ideal for keeping all of your work essentials organized during long trips; gift them one with lots of compartments for storing documents, power cords and other items. Bonus points if you can find a backpack that’s also lightweight to make travel even easier.

14. Noise Cancelling Headphones:

Noise canceling headphones perfect for nursing professionals who need some peace and quiet during their travels or while on-shift; gift them a pair that’s comfortable, stylish and features active noise cancellation for maximum relaxation.

15. Massage Gift Card:

To help combat stress, gift your travel nurse friend with a massage gift card from their favorite spa! Whether it’s for a deep tissue

16. Luggage Lock:

For those times when a nurse needs to secure their luggage and personal items during travel, gift them a sturdy luggage lock that can withstand any tampering attempts - look for something TSA approved if possible so they don’t have to worry about missing out on their flight!

17. Portable Charger:

A portable charger is great for keeping all of your gadgets powered up no matter where you go; gift them one with lots of charging ports and fast charging capabilities so they can stay connected at all times!

18. USB Flash Drives:

USB flash drives are essential for storing documents, photos or music while on the go; gift them one in an eye-catching color/design that will make it easier to identify among other bags or purses!

19. Neck Pillow:

Travel nurses spend countless hours flying between places – gifting them a neck pillow allows them to rest comfortably without having to worry about sore necks later on down the line! Look for one with memory foam filling and removable covers if possible.

20. RFID Wallet:

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) wallets are great for those times when you need to keep your cards safe; gift them one that’s slim and lightweight with plenty of compartments so they can use it as their everyday wallet!

21. Luggage Tag:

Luggage tags make it easy for travel nurses to identify their bags quickly and helps to prevent them from getting lost amidst the flurry of suitcases at the airport. Look for ones with bright colors that are also waterproof!

22. Travel Journal:

For those times when they need somewhere to document all of their travels; gift them a travel journal so they can keep their notes in a fashionable manner.

23. Portable Power Bank:

A portable power bank is the perfect gift for travel nurses who need to stay connected on the go; gift them one that’s lightweight and comes with multiple USB charging ports so they can keep all of their gadgets juiced up!

24. Adaptor/Converter:

Adaptors and converters are essential when it comes to international travel as they allow you to plug in your electronics safely while abroad - look for ones with surge protection capabilities if possible.

25. Kindle E-Reader:

E-readers are great because they allow you to store hundreds of books without taking up too much space; gift your nursing friend a Kindle e-reader so they can have something fun to read during down time or long flights!

26. Cozy Socks:

Warm, cozy socks make for a great gift idea for those days when travel nurses just want to relax in between shifts; find some made from soft materials like cashmere or cotton that will keep their feet warm and comfortable no matter where life takes them!

27. Emergency Kit:

Every nurse should be prepared for any emergency while they’re on the go; gift them an emergency kit complete with first aid supplies, flashlights, tools and other important items that can help them out in a pinch.

28. Travel Pillow:

Travel pillows are great for those long flights when you just need to rest your head. They are also particularly nice and reminding them their loving person who gave this nice gift.

29. Noise Cancelling Headphones:

Travel nurses often have to deal with noisy environments, gift them a pair of noise canceling headphones so they can listen to music or podcasts in peace.

30. Eye Mask:

Give the gift of quality sleep even in the middle of a long flight by gifting your travel nurse friend an eye mask that is comfortable and light-blocking so they can rest easy!

31. Passport Holder:

Help protect their passport from wear & tear while travelling; gift them a passport holder that has RFID blocking capabilities or one with vibrant colors for easier identification at airports!

32. Travel Coffee Mug:

A good travel coffee mug will keep your hot beverages warm no matter how far you go; look for ones made from stainless steel or ceramic materials as these tend to last longer than plastic mugs.

33. Portable Speaker:

Music always helps make things better, gift them a portable speaker so they can enjoy some tunes wherever their travels take them! Look for ones with Bluetooth connectivity or those that are waterproof if possible for added convenience when it comes to use outdoors or near bodies of water.

34. Phone Case:

Travel nurses need to be able to stay connected wherever they are, gift them a phone case with drop protection features so their devices can handle whatever life throws at them!

35. Water Bottle:

Staying hydrated when travelling is key; gift your travel nurse friend a water bottle that keeps beverages cold or hot for hours and one that is made from BPA-free materials if possible.

36. Portable Charger Hub:

Give the gift of a portable charger hub so your travel nurse friend can keep all their gadgets charged up and ready to go no matter where they’re headed next! Look for ones with multiple USB ports and fast charging capabilities so they don’t have to worry about running out of juice while on the move.

37. Travel Wallet/Organizer:

A good travel wallet/organizer helps keep important documents like passports, boarding passes, tickets and money organized while travelling; look for ones made from durable material such as leather or canvas that won’t wear down easily over time.

38. Mini Toiletry Kit Bag:

Make sure your nursing buddy never runs out of toiletries by gifting them a mini toiletry kit bag that can fit all their essential items while they’re on the go! Look for ones with multiple pockets and secure compartments to keep everything inside.

39. Language Guidebooks:

Give your travel nurse friend the gift of language; gift them a comprehensive guidebook or book set on their destination’s language so they can become more familiar with local customs and communication etiquette while abroad.

40. Portable Steamer:

A portable steamer is perfect for getting out wrinkles in clothes while travelling, gift your nursing buddy one to help make packing easier and faster!

41. Travel Yoga Mat:

Help them stay fit and healthy even when on the go with a lightweight yoga mat that is easy to pack and take anywhere; look for ones made from durable materials like rubber or PVC that are also non-slip for added convenience during use outdoors or near wet surfaces.

42. Reusable Shopping Bag:

Make sure your travel nurse doesn’t have any trouble carrying around all their purchases by gifting them a reusable shopping bag – one with lots of compartments is ideal as it can be used to store other small items too!

43. Journal & Pen Set:

Encourage note-taking wherever life takes them by giving your nursing buddy a journal & pen set; look for ones complete with blank pages as well as lined pages so they can write down their thoughts, experiences and reflections no matter where their travels take them.

44. Scratch-Off World Map:

Help your travel nurse friend track all the places they have been by gift them a scratch-off world map; look for ones of good quality with vibrant colors that are also easy to install and remove.

45. Cable Organizer Bag:

A handy cable organizer bag helps keep cords and wires in check while travelling; gift them one made from waterproof material so their devices stay safe from water or moisture damage when on the move!

46. Luggage Scale:

Make sure your nursing buddy never gets hit with extra baggage fees at airports by gift them a luggage scale so they can weigh their bags before leaving home – look for ones that are accurate, portable, and fast to use!

47. Digital Camera & Accessories:

Encourage photography wherever life takes your nursing buddy by giving them a digital camera and accessories like SD cards, batteries, spare lenses etc.; look for ones that are lightweight yet feature powerful optics capabilities as well as other advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity or image stabilization technology.

48. Travel Pillow & Blanket Set:

Make sure your travel nurse friend stays comfortable throughout long trips by gifting them a pillow & blanket set; look for ones made from high-quality materials like memory foam or down feathers for added comfort and warmth.

49. Noise Cancelling Headphones:

Help your nursing buddy block out any unwanted noises or sounds while on the move by gift them a pair of noise cancelling headphones; look for ones with soft cushioned ear pads and an adjustable headband for added comfort during use.

50. Universal Travel Adapter:

Make sure your travel nurse friend can stay connected to all their gadgets wherever they’re travelling by gift them a universal travel adapter – look for ones that offer multiple USB ports, surge protection, and short circuit protection as well as other advanced features like international voltage compatibility.

51. Pill Organizer Box:

A pill organizer box helps keep medications organized and easy to access when needed; gift one made from durable material such as plastic or metal that won’t break down easily over time!

52. Portable Water Bottle Purifier:

Give the gift of clean and safe drinking water no matter where life takes your nursing buddy with a portable water bottle purifier; look for ones that are small enough to fit in backpacks but still powerful enough to remove up to 99% of contaminants found in tap water.

53. Reusable Coffee Cup/Mug:

Help reduce waste while on the go with a reusable coffee cup or mug – gift them one made from sustainable materials like bamboo, stainless steel, or ceramic that not only looks good but also keeps drinks warmer for longer!

54. Personalized Travel Mug:

Let your travel nurse friend take their favorite beverage wherever life takes them by gift them a personalized travel mug; look for ones with secure lids and insulated walls to keep drinks hot or cold for hours!

55. Smartphone Lens Kit:

Encourage photography while on the go with a smartphone lens kit; gift them one that includes multiple attachable lenses such as wide angle, fish eye, and macro so they can capture close-up shots of wildlife or far away landscapes!

56. Portable Charger:

Make sure your nursing buddy can always stay connected to their devices by gift them a portable charger; look for ones that are lightweight, fast charging, and come with multiple ports as well as other advanced features like dual USB outputs or over-charge protection.

57. Weatherproof Backpack:

Gift your travel nurse friend a weatherproof backpack so they can keep their belongings safe from the elements; look for ones made from durable materials such as nylon or canvas that are also easy to clean and maintain!

58. Travel Pillow & Blankets Set:

Keep your nursing buddy comfortable during long trips with a travel pillow & blanket set gift; look for ones made from breathable materials like cotton or bamboo that are also lightweight and easy to store.

59. Travel Journal:

Encourage your travel nurse friend’s creativity with a gift of a travel journal – gift one made from quality materials like leather, canvas, or paper so they can write down their thoughts, experiences, or inspirations while on the go!

60. Portable Grill:

Unleash your nursing buddy’s inner chef by gift them a portable grill; look for ones that offer features such as adjustable heat settings, detachable legs for storage purposes, and other advanced features like temperature gauges or rotisserie attachments.

61. Global SIM Card:

Enable secure global access to your travel nurse friend’s phone with a gift of a global SIM card; look for ones that offer coverage in multiple countries and allow for roaming without extra charges or hidden fees.

62. Thermal Cooking Pot:

Encourage healthy eating on the go with a gift of a thermal cooking pot – gift them one made from high-grade materials like stainless steel or aluminum so they can easily bring along hot meals with them wherever life takes them!

63. Travel First Aid Kit:

Help keep your travel nurse friend prepared in case of any medical emergencies by gift them a travel first aid kit – gift one that contains all the necessary items such as bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, and more to ensure safety when away from home.

Gifting a travel nurse with one of these items is sure to make them feel appreciated and prepared for whatever life throws their way.

From portable water bottle purifiers to reusable coffee cups, smart phone lens kits, weatherproof backpacks, global SIM cards, thermal cooking pots and more – gift your nursing buddy something that will help make their travels easier and safer!

Whether they are just starting out on the road or have been at it for years, any of these gift ideas for travel nurses are sure to be appreciated.

Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only.