121 BEST Valentine Dog Names (With Meaning)

David R Grant Jan 16, 2023
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happy valentines day for the dog

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and if you're a proud pet owner of a new pup, then it's time to start thinking about the perfect Valentine - inspired name for your furry companion.

Whether you want something romantic or funny, I've got 121 best chosen Valentine dog names that are sure to make your pooch stand out from the pack.

Enjoy sharing love with your furry companion this Valentine's season.

May our four-legged friends forever be a part of our Valentines season and that their loyalty, wagging tails, and unconditional love will always bring joy to our lives.

Sweet puppy on the carpet

Happy valentine's day! Enjoy sharing love with your furry companion this valentine's season. Wishing everyone lots of love and happiness on valentines day!

A very special list for You:

1. Amor - Spanish for ‘love’

2. Cupid - Roman god of love and desire

3. Romeo - Shakespearean tragic hero

A little gloomy dog ​​in a sports yellow hoodie

4. Juliette - Shakespearean heroine

5. Apollo – Greek god of light and truth

6. Adore – To deeply admire someone or something with love

7. Beloved – Loved dearly by many people

8. Amore – Italian for ‘love’

9. Bliss – Perfect happiness or joy

10. Darling – A person loved very much by someone

11. Cherish - To love and care for deeply

12. Daisy – Symbol of innocence and unrequited love

A friendly white and brown puppy with floppy ears sits and looks at you

13. Devotion - Dedication to someone or something with loyalty and affection

14. Dreamy - Having a dreamlike quality or appearance

15. Faithful - Loyal, devoted, and reliable

16. Fondness - Affection felt by pleasure, admiration, or tenderness

17. Forever - Lasting an unlimited amount of time without end

18. Honey - A sweet, golden-colored liquid made by bees from nectar

19. Kissy - To give or receive a kiss as an expression of love or affection

20. Lava – Molten rock formed by volcanic eruptions

21. Lovebug - A nickname for someone who is irresistibly lovable

22. Luvvy - An affectionate term used to refer to someone you love

23. Melody - A pleasing succession of musical notes

A friendly puppy with very protruding, very large white-brown ears

24. Moonlight - Soft light emitted by the moon at night

25. Passion - Intense emotion and strong enthusiasm towards something or someone

26. Poetry - Artistic expressions of thought and emotion through words

27. Princess - A female royalty, especially one of royal birth or a daughter of a monarch

28. Rapture - An ecstatic emotional state of being deeply moved and delighted

29. Red Rose – Symbol of passionate love or deep admiration

30. Romeo – Protagonist in Shakespeare’s tragedy 'Romeo and Juliet'

31. Smoochie - To kiss someone with affection

32. Sparkle - To shine brightly from small flashes of light

Young beige golden retriever in a brown collar

33. Sugar - Sweet material that is used to make food taste sweet

34. Sweetheart - A term of endearment for a loved one

35. Truelove - Someone you are truly in love with

36. Valentina - Feminine form of valentine, meaning strong and healthy

37. Valentine – Person who is admired and loved by another

38. Velvet - A type of fabric that is soft and smooth to the touch

Rudy corgi is lying and looking at you

39. Wishes – Hopes for something to come true in the future

40. Xoxo - Hugs and kisses, an expression of affection

41. Yearning - A feeling of intense longing or desire for something unattainable

42. Adonis- Handsome Greek god of beauty and desire

43. Aphrodite– Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation

44. Athena – Greek goddess of wisdom and courage

45. Cupcake - A small cake that is typically sweetened with sugar and decorated with frosting

46. Darlin’ – Another term of endearment for someone you love

47. Dove - Symbol of peace, innocence, love and purity

A small white very fluffy white puppy with black eyes and a black nose

48. Eros –Greek god of erotic love

49. Fawn - Young deer in its first year

50. Fluffy- Describes something as soft and light, like a cloud or cotton ball

51. Glitter – Small pieces of shiny material used to decorate items

52. Heartsong - An emotional connection to someone or something

53. Joy - The emotion of great delight or happiness

54. Kindness – Being generous, helpful and considerate towards others

A white curly poodle type puppy sits and raises his paw and looks at you

55. Laughter - An expression of amusement or happiness

56. Mistletoe - A traditional symbol of love and romance at Christmastime

57. Nectar - Sweet liquid secreted by flowers that attracts pollinating insects

58. Ooh La La- French phrase used to express admiration, excitement, or surprise

A white long-haired dog with a blue bow on his head

59. Plush – Soft and luxurious fabric that is comfortable to touch

60. Quiver – To shake with a slight trembling or shivering movement

61. Rainbow - An arc of colored light in the sky caused by refraction of sunlight through raindrops

62. Sunshine – Rays of direct sunlight, often seen as a symbol of warmth and happiness

63. Teardrop - A single tear that is shed out of sorrow, joy or emotion

64. Unconditional - Love that is given freely without any conditions attached

65. Velveteen- Fabric made to look like velvet but with shorter fibers

66. Wags– To move back and forth rapidly in a sign of excitement or happiness

67. XoXo – Another way to write hugs and kisses for someone you love

Sitting light beige curly dog ​​in a blue collar

68. Yearningly – Showing strong feelings or emotions for something desired

69. Zeus – The ruler and king amongst the gods in Greek mythology

70 .Zigzag – Moving from side to side in an irregular pattern

71. Amore - Italian word for love

72. Bliss – Complete joy, delight or contentment

73. Cuddle – An affectionate hug or embrace

74. Darling– Another term of endearment used to show someone that they are beloved

White and brown spotted puppy is lying on a gray blanket

75. Enamored - To be deeply and powerfully in love with someone

76. Flirt – To behave playfully and suggestively as though in search of a romantic relationship

77. Giggles - A light laugh usually done out of happiness or amusement

78. Honey - Pet name used to express fondness and affection for another person

A honey-colored puppy lies on a colorful blanket

79. Infinity- Symbolizes eternity, empowerment, and everlasting love

80. Jewel– Valuable items made from rare minerals like diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds

81. Kisses- Expression of one’s feelings through physical contact such as touching lips together

82. Lollipop - Sweet treat typically enjoyed by children on special occasions

83. Marvellous – Admirable in quality; wonderful or extraordinary

84. Nuzzle -To snuggle close against somebody's neck lovingly

86. Oreo – A black and white cookie sandwich filled with a sweet creamy filling

A black and white shaggy puppy that looks like an Oreo cookie

87. Precious - An item of great worth or value

88. Quaint - Attractive in a peculiar or old-fashioned way

89. Rosebud – A bud of a rose still in its early stages before fully blossoming

90. Snuggles - To hold someone close, often in an affectionate manner

91. Treasure– Something valuable that is greatly prized and sought after

92. Utopia – A place or state of perfect happiness, peace, and harmony

93. Vow –A solemn promise made to someone special out of love or respect

94. Whisper - Soft spoken words shared between two people who are close

The lying puppy looks at you curiously, only its head is visible

95 .Xeiko- Another way to write hugs and kisses for someone you love

96 .Yummy– Describes something as delicious and enjoyable to eat

97 .Zigzag – Moving from side to side in an irregular pattern

98. Apollo - The Greek god of the sun and light

99. Cupid – The mythological Roman god of desire, affection, and erotic love

100. Darling– Another term of endearment used to show someone that they are beloved

A fluffy white wolfhound puppy with black eyes and a black nose

101. Ember- A glowing piece of coal or wood left from a fire

102. Firefly – A small glowing insect found in warmer climates

103. Glitter - Shiny particles used for decorations or makeup

104. Harmony - Agreement between any people or things; peaceful accord

105. Hearty - Cheerful and warm hearted; showing enthusiasm and energy

106. Honeydew– Sweet fragrant melon with white flesh

107. Joyous– Feeling great pleasure, delight, or happiness

108. Kissable- Desirable enough to be kissed

A cute sitting dark brown puppy looks at you with blue eyes

109. Lovebird - Small species of parrots known for their loving behavior

110. Moondust – Fine dust on the surface of moon

111. Passionate- Having strong feelings about something

112. Quaintley – Attractively cutely old fashioned

113. Romantically – In an emotional way expressing love

114. Sunshine – Rays of direct sunlight

The dark caramel puppy lying on the carpet looks at you and waits for your sign

115. Teddy - A stuffed toy bear, usually given as a gift of affection

116. Unconditional – without any conditions, limits or exceptions

117. Valentine – An annual Christian feast day honoring one or more early Christian martyrs

The beige puppy raises his head and looks at you, waiting for your sign

118. Waffle - A batter cake cooked in an iron with a honeycomb pattern

119. Xylophone - Musical instrument consisting of wooden bars struck by small hammers

120. Yummy– Describes something as delicious and enjoyable to eat

121. Zephyr - Soft gentle breeze; a breath of fresh air.

A shaggy light beige puppy running towards you with his mouth open

Having chosen the perfect valentine dog name for your pup is an important step in their journey of life.

Names are a reflection of who they are and what type of personality they have, so take your time and choose wisely!

With names ranging from the romantic to the whimsical, you’re sure to find something that suits your pup perfectly.

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I hope this list has helped you come up with Valentine dog names for your furry friend – happy naming!

Happy valentine's day!