227 BEST Apricot Dog Names (With Their Meanings)

David R Grant Feb 07, 2023
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Welcome apricot pet parents!

With apricot being one of the most popular colors for furry friends, I’ve put together an extensive list of apricot dog names to help you find the perfect fit for your pup.

Whether you are looking for a traditional or unique name, this detailed guide has some great ideas that will surely capture your pup’s personality and spirit.

From classic apricot-inspired names like Peach and Cinnamon to cute ones like Aprico and Maybelline, here are 227 apricot dog names with their meanings:

1. Abrico (ripe apricots)

2. Amber (a beautiful yellowish color)

3. Aprica (lovely apricot color)

4. Aprileo (apricot lion)

5. Aprilina (little april girl)

6. Arautoiné (golden brown haired maiden)

7. Arecaćeżki(strawberry blonde haired person of grace)

8. Ariana (airy; holy; graceful )

9. Blondie/Blondeau/Blondy/Blond

10. Caleba (bold apricot)

11. Caramelo (caramel-colored apricot)

12. Carmelita (little apricot fruit)

13. Cinnamon

14. Coralina (coral colored apricots)

15. Cortez (apricot hearted one )

16. Cosette (tiny apricot flower, from the French 'coquette')

17. Coyote

18. Creamsicle/Creamer

19. Curlyq/Curleeq

20. Dandelion

21. Dawny

22. Decoraçeżk i(apricots of beauty; from Italian decorere meaning to adorn oneself with jewels or decorations )

23. Delicia (delicious apricot)

24. Demelza (amber colored apricot)

25. Domino (small apricot fruit)

26. Dreamy/Dreamer

27. Dulcemélange (blend of apricots and honey )

28. Echo

29. Ember

30. Espresso

31. Estrella

32. Fawn

33. Freckle/Freckles

34. Frisky

35 Gâteau(apricot cake; from French for ‘cake’)

36 Goldenrod

37 Griselle(gray-apricoted one )

38 Honeydew

39 Ivory

40 Kindling/Kindler

41 Kipper

42 Latte

43 Macchiato

44 Mandarin

45 Maple

46 Marigold

47 Merit

48 Moccasin

49 Mona

50 Mustard

51. Nectar

52. Nutmeg

53. Ocelot

54. Papaya

55 . Peach

56 . Peaches

57 . Pearls

58 . Pebbles

59 Pepper

60 Peridot

61 Petal

62 Phoenix

63 Poppy

64 Pumpkin

65 Queenie

66 Quimby

67 Rain

68 Raisin

69 Rex

70 Rosebud

71 Rosy

72 Rumor

73 Sage

74 Sandy

75 Saffron

76 Salty

77 Scarlet

78 Sienna

79 Simba

80 Slinky

81 Sprinkles

82 Squash

83 Starburst

84 Sugarplum

85 Sunny

86 Sweetpea

87 Tangelo

88 Toffee

89 Truffles

90 Tulip

91 Umber/Umbra

92 Vanilla

93 Vino

94 Walnut/Walters

95 Whiskers/Whisper

96 Willow/Wills

97 Zest

98 Ziggy

99 Zinnia

100 Zola

101 Apriko

102 Aprina

103 Aricia

104 Briolette

105 Carobel

106 Caramelina

107 Catelyn

108 Charlene

109 Cheyenne

110 Cinnamon Spice

111 Copperfield

112 Coraçeżki( apricot colored star)

113 Coralie

114 Cortney

115 Crème Brulee/Crèm Brûlée

116 Dozier

120 Gillian

124 Honeycomb

128 Jazzy

132 KitKat

136 Lacey

140 Maizie

144 Maybelline

148 Mélange

152 Nectarines

156 Ollie

160 Pecan Pie

164 Popcorn

168 Quigley

172 Rocket

176 Sequoia

180 Sheba

184 Snowcone

188 Sprinkles & Sugarplums

192 Tangarine

196 Tawney

200 Torchy

204 Vanilla Cream Sundae

208 Waffles

212 Winter Blossom

216 Xena

220 Yimmy

221 Zaffron

217 Zola

218 Apriko

219 Aprina

220 Aricia

221 Briolette

222 Carobel

223 Caramelina

224 Catelyn

225 Charlene

226 Cheyenne

227 Cinnamon Spice

Short Story: Dog And Apricot

Estrella has always been drawn to the sweet smell of apricots and loves to go on adventures in search of them.

One day, while on one of her travels, she meets a small group of other dogs who share her same love for the fruit. Together they embark on an exciting journey in search of the perfect apricot tree.

Along the way they face danger and obstacles, but eventually make it to their destination with lessons learned about courage, friendship and loyalty.

With the tree in sight, Estrella and her new friends eagerly pick the ripe apricots from the branches and enjoy a delicious feast under the stars. The next day, they all part ways with an unspoken promise to stay connected through their shared love for apricots.

Estrella carries on her journey with newfound enthusiasm, confident that she will find more of these special trees along her way.

And each time she does, she remembers back to when she met those other dogs who taught her so much - and how they were united by a shared passion: apricots!

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Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only.